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Ochran thinks that if you have a new job, and it’s awesome and exactly what you want and need, it’s okay to still just be nervous about getting all the orders right. 
Happy Wednesday, I got a new job. : )

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With all the goodness in the world, and all the time needed to keep up with it, Finch (who is the physical manifestation of Inspiration and Many Good Things), feels like she needs a couple extra hours in the day, just to practice making a nice cup of pourover coffee.

I happen to feel the same way. I’m sure we’ll find the time at some point. Happy easy Saturday to you!

On a side note, I’m considering naming this collection of inked creatures and observations ‘The Almost-Daily Monster’, or something of the sort. What do you think?

If you’re still reading this, my goodness you are dedicated. b a d c
"In this age, 
It is natural to be distracted
All you can do is your best
To do what will make you 
Feel good at the end of the day,
And don’t be too hard on yourself
When you don’t do all that much
Because Pokemon is very fun. ~ Ancient Tallhat saying. 

(Tallhats have very long sayings, and haven’t actually been around for that long. They are closely related to the Verytallhats, and the Notquitetallhats, but will be very offended if you confuse them with either.)
Happy Friday. b a d c
After a long day of housework, there’s nothing better than a cup of tea and a little quiet (At least Opaline the Slagamander thinks so.)

(Slagamanders are close relatives of dragons, and come in a few varieties, the Miniature Spiked Slagamander, also called ‘Ogres’ because of their burly physical shape, and the slightly less intelligent, but much larger Giant Ridgeback Slagamander.) 

Happy Thursday!! b a d c
There are days
Days when the wind is very strong
And you are far from 
What used to be home
It is important to remember
That somewhere in your future
There is family
Out there for you
And a nest
Somewhere in the world
And all will be well. b a d c
Sometimes Tif and I will just sit and think about how many amazing people there are in the world and all the cool things they make and do. We often end up looking very awestruck (Like Tif does here).

(Tif’s species, the Sprouts, are very plant-like, and come in a wide variety of shapes and forms. The one thing they have in common is that they always keep some sort of husk of the seed they were born from with them. Tif wears his on his bottom.)

Happy Thursday! b a d c

There are some days where all I am is a small bird,
With small bird contentments 
And a brain too full of important 
To remember where I put 
My sunglasses. b a d c
'To-Day'Spring is coming,You can still feel it,Under all the snow and cloudsAnd when the rains come with itWe will have our small paradeFor the days we spentSnowed inAnd the days we spentWithout knowing the purpose thatA little sun can bring.Just youAnd meAnd a few othersAnd we’ll say that'To-dayIs an especially good day’And it will be,Just as today is.
Image Copyright Jacob Ohman 2014 b a d c

Little character design exercise for myself, seeing how many Fairies I can make using almost the same features. : ). Scarf fairy likes her scarf.
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Happy Friday everybody!Busy working on exciting new projects here! In between actual updates, how about some quick Pokemon paintings?I really like Froakie and all of his evolutions. This is Moth, who was my starter in Pokemon Y. Which starter did you choose? Which is your favorite new Pokemon from X and Y? b a d c
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